Sam Bailey is amusician, teacher and event curator.



His creative practice is divided between playing music, teaching music, devising and curating experimental art events and connecting people and places through culutre.

His current musical practice focuses on solo and collaborative improvisation with amplified prepared piano. Alongside a recent album [hyperlink] and regular solo performances Sam has worked in this context with over 100 different collaborators including Evan Parker (saxophone), John Butcher (saxophone), Graham Lambkin (field recordings, voice), Hyelim Kim (Taegum), Kristin Fredericksson (puppetry), Tina Krasevec and David Leahy (dance), Jesse Dunford-Wood (chef), Miles Irving (wild food expert), Toma Gouband (rocks and sticks), London Contemporary Voices (choir), Hand of Stabs (progressive pagan skiffle).


Vocals, Guitar / Lee Clayton
Keyboard, Sampling / Mikael Johnasson
Bass / Ethan Stone
Drums / Omer Asani